Highlights from UP2030’s 1st General Assembly in Lisbon

The UP2030 project marked a significant milestone with its 1st General Assembly held from 13th to 15th November in the vibrant city of Lisbon. Bringing together city representatives, research institutions and solution providers part of the project consortium, the assembly provided a platform for insightful discussions, strategic planning, and collaborative initiatives to be conducted within UP2030.

Exploring the Alvalade Pilots

The assembly kicked off with a compelling study visit to the project's pilots at the Alvalade district, situated in the heart of Lisbon. Participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative solutions being implemented and the positive impact on the local community. It set the stage for two days of intense sessions on the progress of project activities and the evolving needs of cities in the face of climate neutrality challenges, and the vital support required in shaping their visions.

A tapestry of ideas and progress

During the General Assembly, cities took the main stage, where each of them presented their implementation status, results from the needs analysis and highlighted barriers faced during different phases of the project. Matchmaking solutions, coupled with engaging discussions, showcased the progress achieved and outlined the anticipated next steps.

Divided into four working groups—Climate Adaptive Cities, Climate Neutral Cities, Inclusive Cities, and Smart City Integrated Solutions—the assembly presented a spectrum of tools available to address the diverse challenges faced by urban environments. A valuable component of the assembly was the roundtable discussions where city representatives engaged with solution providers. These sessions facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas, allowing cities to tailor solutions to their unique challenges. The collaborative atmosphere fostered a sense of unity and commitment to the project's overarching goals.

A special workshop on spatial justice added an intrinsic dimension to the assembly. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity in urban planning, participants explored ways to ensure fair and equitable access to resources and opportunities for all. This session underscored the commitment of UP2030 to creating cities that prioritize social justice.

Moreover, the discussion continued with a focus around the concept of Strategic Learning and its pivotal role in empowering the Community of Practice (CoP). Emphasizing the importance of disseminating knowledge and insights, participants highlighted the various channels through which this dissemination occurs, such as publications and a structured Learning Programme. The focus of the discourse was on how Strategic Learning contributes to enhancing the CoP's understanding of Climate Neutrality and Urban Resilience approaches, particularly those developed within the UP2030 project.

The General Assembly provided a strong opportunity for collaboration, innovation, and the establishment of a shared framework for the months ahead. It supported the roadmap developments, facilitated idea exchange, and solidified the common ground that will underpin future endeavors.

Moving forward on the transformative journey, UP2030 stands as a beacon of hope, uniting cities in their quest for sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban futures.


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