UP2030 in the 11th edition of the European Urban Resilience Forum

UP2030 had a significant presence at the European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO) 2024 in Valencia from June 26-28.

Building on our successful participation in EURESFO 2023, this year we further demonstrated our commitment to fostering a resilient and climate-neutral future through a series of impactful contributions. ICLEI, Thessaloniki, Zagreb, Rotterdam, Fraunhofer, RCities, and UIC represented UP2030, leading essential discussions on sustainability, resilience, and innovative climate solutions. Thessaloniki and Zagreb delivered powerful insights during key plenaries, while Rotterdam highlighted Nature-Based Solutions in a dedicated workshop. These activities demonstrated the UP2030 project's collaborative spirit and innovative approach.

Engagement at the Marketplace was another highlight, where we interacted with over 800 participants, including representatives from cities, regions, and research institutes. This platform allowed us to share our groundbreaking tools and methodologies, demonstrating UP2030’s commitment to promoting sustainable urban development. The positive reception and valuable feedback received from the participants reinforced the significance of our mission. The event was a tremendous success, thanks to the collective efforts of our partners and the enthusiastic participation of attendees, all contributing to advancing urban resilience and climate action.

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